Never Do These after Graduating from Flight School

Graduating from flight school is one of the best things in life. Undoubtedly, in this moment, you will be very happy and proud of your achievement. You are worthy to get pride because joining and studying at flight school is never easy. Unfortunately, most of you don’t know what you should and should not do after graduating so you do any mistakes that make you fail to get job and be unemployment. This is a big deal because you will be frustrated and deal with stress at last. Therefore, after graduating from flight school, you should read about qualification for pilot so you know what to do. Besides, you are highly recommended not to do these:


Give up fast when failing getting job at airlines

Not all graduates from pilot schools get job at airlines directly. Most of them have to wait for a few months or even years to get job there. They already send many job applications to airline many times and they are still patient about their failure. You also have to do the same thing, never give up when failing getting job at airlines. If you do this, the opportunity to get job will come to you anytime. In other hand, if you give up, everything is done and there is no good thing that you get. This problem will make your beloved ones disappointed with you. They might scold or ignore you at last. Of course, you don’t want to deal with this problem, right? Losing support from beloved ones will make your life worse, realize about this, okay!

Let yourself stress out for a long time

You may be disappointed, annoyed, or stressed when getting failure because you are a human who definitely feels like that. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you let yourself stress out for a long time. If you do this, you will only make yourself worse. You want to make your beloved ones happy, right? For this, avoid doing this, you should move on and introspect yourself so you know what your mistakes are and fix them as soon as possible.

Avoid learning again to enlarge knowledge and skill

There are many people out there who feel superior and intelligent whereas they are nothing if compared to other. Yeah, you can fall behind from other if you avoid learning again after graduating from pilot school. You need to know that in each year, there are tens or hundreds of people who look for jobs at airlines. They want to compete with everyone who has the same dream. If you cannot compete and win, you will never get job. For this, never stop studying. Take enough time every day to read various related information about aviation and train your flying skills by playing games or using simulator. If you have better knowledge and skill, the opportunity to get job is bigger. Anyway, one of the information sources that you can visit is Here, you can find much information about how to be a professional pilot and what prepares to realize your dream.

Avoid These 3 Things when Choosing Pilot School

ketika pilih sekolah pilot

Choosing a school to be one way to get a place of learning that can make you feel comfortable. Moreover, the school would you choose a pilot school. If the pilot wants to go to school, of course, have to look for schools that provides supporting facilities. The facility has an important role for you as a student because as a student pilot you should be able to fly a plane with a real open only in theory. There are many pilot schools that you can choose, especially for countries Indonesia. For those of you who want to select pilot schools do not easily tempted by the offer from the school or friends. To make sure the school of your choice it is better to come directly to the school. You come directly, then the information provided can be clearly and you can see the condition of the school directly. Therefore, before you choose a pilot school, then you should avoid three things:

The new school stands

For those of you who want to choose a pilot school is better to choose a pilot school that has been established for a long time. This is because the pilot school recently founded two years running, of course, does not know what the next step. It could be the newly opened can experience a loss so as to make schools should be closed. If this is the case, of course, makes you lose not. Neither loss of money, energy, and mind. Additionally, your parents might stress because of the costs they have paid quite big to hundreds of millions. Well, for those of you who want to choose a pilot school, then avoid to pick up a new pilot schools. Choose a pilot school that has aged over 3 years as Nusa Flaying School and the Bali International Flight Academy (BIFA).

Does not guarantee facility

Besides should avoid choosing a new pilot schools stand, you should also avoid choosing a school whose facilities are not guarantees. Existing facilities at the school, especially for the student pilot of course is very important because as a pilot must be in practice. For example, a student pilot not only in theory how you can fly a plane, but must be able to fly real planes. Well, to be able to fly the plane of course the school must provide aircraft. The aircraft should be provided must be adapted to the number of students. If the plane is not proportional to the number of students, then this can hinder the student to be able to fly a plane with a maximum and also be the cause of slow students finish school. At least the school should provide the first plane to 5 people so when students numbered 50 people, then the school must provide 10 aircraft and is equipped with its own airport.

Went along with friends

When you want to select pilot schools, should avoid choosing a school because of went along with friends. This is because the school is not necessarily suitable choice of friends with you both in terms of environment and finance. For that, select the pilot schools based on your own desires so that you can be detailing everything well. In addition, to avoid the things you do not want later. To get a pilot school of your choice it is worth looking for information on the internet about the school so that you can compare between the pilot schools with other pilots that are suitable for you.

So you should avoid when choosing a pilot school. Well, for you who are interested to enter the pilot school, start from now to diligently maintain the health and learning English diligently so that later you can enter.

These Make Cadets Move to Another School

Cadet Pilot Pindah Sekolah2Studied at the pilot school is the only way in order to become a pilot who is reliable, able to work in the airline with definite career path and accompanied lucrative income. In undergoing education in pilot schools, the cadet must be able to adapt to its environment so that in the period that has been estimated the cadet to graduate and be able to compete in the world of work. However, educated at the pilot schools are also not everything went expectations, many of the cadets decided to change schools due to various reasons, such as below:

Inadequate facilities

One thing to consider when choosing a pilot school is in terms of facilities, such as classrooms, training aircraft and airports, as well as simulators. Facility not only support the knowledge and abilities of the cadets, but also will affect the long duration of education taken that will have an impact on employment opportunities obtained later. Example, if the airport and trainers are not available, when it will conduct flight training the cadet must be common to the airport and wait for a commercial aircraft was not only able to take off flight training.

As a result, the cadet must wait their turn to exercise evenly so that the flying hours obtained are not satisfactory. Facilities that less support is certainly not going to feel comfortable in his studies, even feel less satisfying. No wonder many of the cadet prefer to move the school to get training in other schools over the maximum.

Licenses less support

When selecting pilot schools, one of the things that must be considered is the license. The license is a certificate that contains a pilot’s license, such license PPL, CPL, IR, and MER. Licenses very important role when applying for work in the airline, the higher the license held, the greater the chances for employment. Examples MER license which means the pilot has to fly a plane ready to use multiple machines, the different course with the new CPL certificate allowed to fly a commercial airplane.

Many candidates were hasty in choosing a school pilot(which is important to pass the test and can pursue education) without considering the important things in the beginning. After seeing the significance rather than license and turns the selected schools do not provide the desired license, many candidates decide to move the school to get the desired license. That is why, at the beginning should have considered including a license so that no one chose the school.

Instructor slightly

Usually on the official website of the pilot schools were also given information about the school, one of which the number of instructors. Instructors also need to be considered so that the cadets can gain more leverage qualifications. Learn from many instructors will certainly add a lot of knowledge as well. But unfortunately, less seek a lot of information to make no wrong choice cadet school, where instructors owned school only slightly. Instructor salary is relatively small, much smaller even than working in the airline.

Not surprisingly, relatively little interest in becoming an instructor. However, the instructor also has much to gain deeper knowledge. Remember, the cadet was able to learn on their own to learn the contents of the book, but to understand the contents of the book itself takes intermediaries who have mastered the instructor. That is why there are cadets who also chose to move in order to find a school that had many instructors do not other than in order to gain more leverage knowledge.

Violated school rules

In general, whose name is filled with educational rules. Moreover, when the nature of the hostel where students must always be controlled by the school. Many cadets were not able to survive with the education system undertaken because of the relatively tight, as not subject to hold a smartphone, should not consume drugs, and so forth. School rules are inherently good for maintaining physical and mental health of the cadet, but for cadets who are not accustomed to the pressure to make them should be transferred to another school or be fired for violating the rules.

That some of the descriptions that are often found and the reason why many cadet pilots who change schools, the result can be a loss of cost, manpower, and time. Therefore, in choosing a school needs to consider and plan it carefully so that no one chose the school and the profession that will be elaborated in accordance with the spirit or the interest to be resistant to all challenges.

Pilot and Co-pilot Are Vulnerable to Cancer Skin

Cancer Skin and pilotCo-pilot is a flight attendant who generally sits side by side with the pilot in the cockpit of the aircraft while airborne. He who helps the pilot in terms of navigation. When the pilot is absent, the co-pilot will replace the pilot to control the plane. The pilot is full of people who control the plane. To be able to carry out both professions, previously should receive education and training in pilot schools. In addition to gaining basic knowledge and skills flight, bagging flight license and have hours of flying into the other goal which is the requirement to fly the plane. Regardless of the prestige because the rewards are high, both in this profession one of which is the health risk of skin cancer (the growth of skin cells that are not normal). To find out the cause, how to prevent, as well as how to deal with it, let’s discuss further below!

What caused it?

The scientists claim that the sun at an altitude of about 9,000 feet above sea level are destructive even trigger the growth of cancer cells.

What makes the pilot and co-pilot susceptible to skin cancer? Currently, the pilot and co-pilot took off means getting closer to the sun. That is, the greater the solar radiation obtained from aircraft cockpit glass. We all know that solar radiation that could have an impact on skin cancer besides making eye irritation, pterygium (an abnormal growth on the white part of the eye), and deterioration of the macula functions, to trigger cataracts. As for some of the symptoms of skin cancer as follows: skin becomes dry, skin itch, pain, or pain, appears red spots, the skin will peel itself, symptoms of numbness, as well as a lump like moles and will gradually swell and ooze pus,

Is there a way to prevent it?

Sunglasses not only to support the appearance alone, but to protect the eyes from the dangers of solar radiation.

Is there an effort that can be done by the pilot and co-pilot to prevent skin cancer? There, one of them is to use sunglasses. For that reason in particular why the flight attendant pilot and co-pilot always wear sunglasses when going airborne. Sunglasses deemed powerful enough to protect the eyes from the dangers of skin at the same time solar radiation. Other than that, the sunglasses are also intended to make the eyes glare so as not to disturb the vision that ultimately degrades aviation safety.

How is it treated?

Indeed there is no cure skin cancer is by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, but does not close the possibility of side effects after doing one of the treatment. For example, hair loss, insomnia, skin abrasions/flushing, shortness of breath, diarrhea, etc.

If the skin cancer has been found to be the pilot and co-pilot, what should be done to treat it? The first, with surgery or surgery. Some types of surgery of skin cancer are: cryosurgery (cancer turned off with liquid nitrogen), curettage and electro cautery (scraping of skin cancer later cells causing cancer will be electrocuted), and skin grafting (replacing the affected skin cancer with skin grafts), etc., Secondly, with chemotherapy, stop or inhibit the growth of cancer cells that divide rapidly. Ways chemotherapy for skin cancers using a cream that is applied to the skin cancer, utilize pills, capsules, or liquid oral, by injection, even chemotherapy directly inserted into a vein or artery. Third, with radiation. This cancer treatment using ionizing radiation such as X-ray energy (X-ray) and non-ionizing energy such as using heat (hyperthermia).

Avoid These when Choosing a Pilot School


Pilot school, a school that became one of the choices some people who aspire to become a pilot. Without going into pilot school a person cannot fulfill his dream to become a pilot. This is because a pilot should have a flight license first. The flight license itself must come gradually, both from flight school in advance. The more get hours of flying, the more licenses you will get. However, if you are less precise in selecting pilot schools, then this can hamper your career to become a pilot. For example, you choose a school that does not complete amenities pilot, of course, can make you long pass. Therefore, if you do not want blocked, then you should be more observant select schools. Well, to minimize things happen that are not cool it is better to avoid this:

Do not see the school’s reputation

Reputation school is the first step that can make your dream can come true. Choose a pilot school that has a good reputation. You have to know the background of the school. Find out if the school has a long standing and also in cooperation with the airline. Perhaps you think this is a small, but behind it all this gives great value for those who choose a school pilot. If you choose a pilot school recently founded one year, of course, the reputation of the school is still unknown. The new school could have folded up experience so you have to repeat the search for a new school. If it happens, of course, you have to look for funds from the beginning again. Well, for that if it does not want to happen, and then you should avoid to not seeing a school’s reputation.

Do not take into account the number of instructors and aircraft

Pilot school is one school that offers attractive due to finish school this should not linger. There are many pilot schools that offer the prospective students to complete quickly. There were offers to complete for about 1, 5 years. To be able to pursue the duration of which has been determined by the school must be supported by the existing facilities at the school. Instructor and aircraft are essential to be provided by the school. Provide the number of instructors and an adequate number of aircraft, of course, can make students to quickly finish the school. If the number of instructors and aircraft that is not proportional to the number of students, of course, can hamper a student to finish quickly. You need to know as a person who wants to find a pilot school; it helps to consider the issue. Avoid yourself to not take into account the problems the number of instructors and the number of aircraft.

Do not take into account the costs

Avoid not take into account the cost problem. If you do not take into account the amount of the entry fee pilot school, it can hamper your school. Why? Due to the pilot school entrance required a high cost. Costs for the pilot schools could reach hundreds of millions. Well, if you cannot take into account the costs of schooling, can-can school you are only half way because it was unable to finance further education. Therefore, if you have any problems regarding the cost, then you can find a pilot school that offers the scholarship.

Although the pilot school is the first step to realize your goals, you must still choose a quality school.